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Welcome to the CASH IN CAR OUT webpage. If it’s used cars you are searching for in and around the Melbourne area, and you are looking to buy a cheap second hand car soon – then we have an impressively large database of used cars in or near to Melbourne for you to explore.

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Where to Buy Your Car?

There are a variety of ways to buy a budget car in Melbourne. The blog of this website is a great place to start. There is also a very popular website called Gumtree,that has car listings from both private sellers and car dealers.

You will find private ads in papers, notices up in backpacker hostels, roadside sales, car auctions, car fairs and obviously car dealers.

Car fairs take place in Melbourne and Laverton so ask when and where to go at your local backpacker hostel. How and where you choose to buy your car could be based on your actual practical car knowledge – car auctions are probably the cheapest but you have to know what you’re doing.

Melbourne Cash for Cars will help you much more and maybe give a warranty but it it will obviously cost you much more. Some places offer the option of a buy back. This means the place that sells you the car will then guarantee to buy it back off you for a set price (conditions will apply).

On arrival in one of these cities do a quick scout of the local area and visit places such as supermarkets & hostel noticeboards, local car shops and garages, outside hostels and hostel receptions. Then grab the local paper and check the classifieds – ask at your hostel to find which the right paper is and which day has the most cars in it. Other backpackers can also be a great source of info as they may have heard of friends selling etc.

Best Cheap Car Yard Dealership in Melbourne

Established since early 2000 cash in car out are now one of the Melbourne leading affordable car dealerships offering, we believe, the largest range of vehicles on one site, the majority of which are under cover in our huge warehouse facility.

Vehicles are hand picked by our buyers in Melbourne, therefore no middleman exists enabling us to strive to bring you the best possible cars at the best possible prices.

Give us a call 04 1072 6726, we are happy to help to find a best yet affordable car, van ute and even truck.

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